How Do I Learn to Program" />


How Do I Learn to Program

A short article appeared on 37 Signals, How Do I Learn to Program that I responded to:

For myself, it started with something like passion, but more like a love of problem solving. My father worked with military computers in the 50's, and tried teaching me binary numbers in the late 60's - i was around 7 or 8 - so i was accustomed to prods to work in computers. It wasn't until the early 80's that I took a BASIC course. I loved it, but still floundered around for a decade, first in college learning COBOL and PL/I, later doing desktop/server support, and project management, all the time using some kind of scripting for work. In early 2000, I needed to script text transformation and decided to use VBA. Well VBA, later involved SQL, PHP, and now .NET. And it still involves a love of problem-solving, finding the perfect answer.

As for learning new languages: