Hackers Prove They Can ‘Pwn’ the Lives of Those Not Hyperconnected

It is an interesting article, but one almost immediately ruined by the naivete of the target.

One phrase, click-bait, ruins this. As an non-hyper-connected individual she did not have enough savvy to avoid the most common ruse. She was trusting, in a way she should not have been. I could go on - pardon if this is like blaming the victim - but one needs to be cautious, and in fact, untrusting, or electronic media. Consider the source is no less true in this case than with material one reads or hears.

Question from another reader:
What does the phrase "click-bait" ruin and why?

The title of the article made me think the hack was of a person unconnected from the internet, or possibly the opposite, using IoT. Also, there was nothing ingenious about this. It was the typical old-school social hack, getting someone to open something they should not, like movies, documents, etc., that are actually viruses or links to cross-scripted sites that hijack your entries. The hack was simply finding one of the millions of unsuspecting, naive users...